About Lotus - Pamposh

The lotus, known as the Kamal, or Padma, (Indian Name) is one of our best known wild flowers. This beautiful flower mostly pink and sometimes white, is found all over the warmer parts of India and grows in lakes, ponds and rivers. The big flowers have a pleasant fragrance and bloom from August to October. The leaves are large and round like huge green plates, held a foot or so above water on a central supporting stalk. Young leaves tend to float. There is a waxy coating on the leaves which causes water to roll off and in this way the leaves stay dry.

Rs. 12500 + 10% Service Tax On M.A.P Basis


Lotus Suite with Breakfast and Dinner
Complementary Fruit Basket
Shikara Ride on the Lake up till floating Gardens with Tea and Cookies served on board
Unlimited Kashmiri Kahwa served (Kashmiri Tea with Saffron and Herbs)
Enjoy the Classic Bollywood movie in the space of your Pink comfort Lotus Suite

Tulip Room

Tulips symbolize dreaminess, Imaginations, perfect lover and declaration of Love, There are know to be more than 3000 different species of Tulip all over the world. Every year First week of Apil we have a special Tulip Festival in Kashmir.

Daffodil Room

The Daffodil flower symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. It is often associated with the coming of spring. The Daffodil flower is a symbol of the spring perfection. Daffodil is an appropriate name for girls born in early spring, since that is when Daffodils thrive.

Saffron Room

Saffron is quite an interesting plant. It has been an important and extremely precious spice for thousands of years and continues to be a prevalent organism today as well.

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