Special Dedication to my Grandfather (Sultan Baktoo)

M.S.Baktoo, well known as King Sultan - loved Trout Fishing,enjoy life to his fullest, believed in customer service and long term relationship with his customers. An effort to dedicate this project to my Grandfather - who always treated his customers with pride. May god bless his soul.

about naaz kashmir

Naaz Kashmir well defined by its own tagline “Comfort Lives Here”, came into existence 40 years ago when a visit to Kashmir was known to be more of the life experience and staying on a floating Houseboat a novelty. Foundation was laid by M.S.Baktoo well known as King Sultan, for his love for nature, adventure and his favorite sports: Trout Fishing. Now after a span of about 40 years, his grandson still works hard to keep his dream Alive and add more comfort and Luxury with the touch of traditional as well as modernity, to really make you experience our beloved heaven, better. With an update each year our boat really keeps up to the mark, with each passing year it gets more cozier and makes it a better place to stay. Kept in mind the demands of today’s travellers, our team has installed the modern technology of Central Heating and Cooling, the Wi-Fi service, and many more features making you convenient at a place like this.

Location and Atmosphere

Naaz Kashmir is moored at the edge of the majestic Nageen Lake, Kashmir, a nature lover’s paradise. Enjoy the early morning mist on the calm waters of this tranquil heaven; this is the perfect place to relax in summers as well as in winters. Come and get ready to be pampered and spoilt in the experience like this, a warm and cozy atmosphere overlooking the pristine peaks of the Himalaya’s. This place is alienated from noisy and crowdie cities, which makes it more peaceful and harmonious place to stay. We at Naaz Kashmir welcome you aboard, our Houseboat offers the comfort of spacious Living Rooms and Dining Areas all adorned in the magnificent handcrafted woodcarving by Kashmir’s finest Craftsmen. On the deck of the Houseboat you will experience the splendor lake with addition, the Birdlife, which will include Blue Kingfisher, Golden Eagles, Sparrows, Goose, Swans, Wild Duck , Breathtaking view and will be lulled by the rhythm of the water and the floating boat . Our Chef’s will prepare you amazing cuisine, including Mughlai dishes, Indian dishes and even Asian and Continental fair. Each room has its own Character, named after famous Flowers grown in Kashmir. Come and Explore yourself!

why us

Well, every boat provides with rooms, dining and deck to comfort you but choosing us will be an experience of its own. We provide you with the 24/7 service. Only Houseboat in Kashmir to offer Canadian Technology Central Heating – To keep you cozy and warm in winters and to keep you cool during summers. Despite of those oppressive service men, we provide you with soft spoken and helping service. Wi-Fi services to keep you connected with your family and friends, cozy living area with collection of latest Bollywood movies and Classics of Bollywood shots in Kashmir. Latest travel books and magazines to keep you entertained, for foodies we have mouthwatering: Kashmiri Cuisines, finger licking : Continental, lip smacking: Chinese and much more to choose from. To add some adventure we provide Bicycles on Rent to our beloved customer, In-house Travel Desk at your service.

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Email: feroz@naazkashmir.com

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